Horse Health

Lameness scale

With the extremes of lameness possible, a lameness grading system has been developed by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) to aid both communication and record-keeping:

  • 0) Lameness not perceptible under any circumstances.
  • 1) Lameness is difficult to observe and is not consistently apparent, regardless of circumstances.
  • 2) Lameness is difficult to observe at a walk or when trotting in a straight line but consistently apparent under certain circumstances.
  • 3) Lameness is consistently observable at a trot under all circumstances.
  • 4) Lameness is obvious at a walk.
  • 5) Lameness produces minimal weightbearing in motion and/or at rest or a complete inability to move.

Note: This is an arbitrary grading system which may not be used by your vet. Some vets use a similar scale but from 1 to 10.